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What We ManufactureThe Communication “Pipeline” between your Aircraft and the OPS Center

The “Data Link” is the connection between end systems on the aircraft to an end system located on the ground, onboard another aircraft, or both. The data link is the communications “pipe” that transfers message content between the information applications that are operating in the respective systems. Each end system and the information applications are independent yet use the data link to exchange information.

Today, the commercial aviation industry utilizes a variety of air-to-ground data links (VHF, HF and Satellite) that connect an aircraft to an Operations Center, while providing a higher reliability rate, availability and message integrity, ensuring consistent end-to-end delivery of information. ARINC created the original Communications and Reporting System message service some twenty years ago, and this has evolved into the Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS), that we know today.

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ACARS Content Applications - Functionality and Services

The main objective of any data link system is to reduce the pilot workload. Today’s ACARS communication systems are very sophisticated and automatically gather and report information to the pilots. Some of the most common applications for the ACARS DataLink are:

FAA STC/PMA Kits for ACARS DataLink

L2 has integrated the latest ACARS DataLink technologies by installing and providing Engineering Support for the latest systems offered by Collins Aerospace, Honeywell, and for our own FAA STC/PMA Kit. For those aircraft owners and operators who are interested in integrating the newest ACARS options, L2 can provide the following FAA STC/PMA Kits and solutions for the following aircraft types: