Consulting Services

L2 is at the forefront of Avionics Engineering and Avionics Technical support for the Finance and Leasing Companies as well as for the start-up Airlines that often struggle to navigate through the maze of new technologies that are available to the industry today. Many companies are not able to adequately staff their respective Technical Management/Engineering departments to properly assess the litany of avionics integration options available to them. Aviation Companies have to overcome the intricacies involved with the determination of the correct digital technologies actually required for the safe and continued operation of their asset, subsequently, the determination of the proper system for their respective aircraft configuration, and especially, the airworthiness release of any Avionics integration or upgrades accomplished on their aircraft. We actively participate with the leading industry committees in determining the best integration process and procedures and are the service provider of choice by the industry leading OEM’s to accomplish “First-of-Kind” installations of the newest technologies.

“With all the ground clutter on our radar, it’s hard to choose the right system for us.”

At L2, we take the guess work out of your Avionics Integration or Upgrade requirements by providing you with our knowledge and expertise in the avionics systems Design, Integration and Certification of the newest digital technologies through our Consulting Services. Supported by our industry accredited Engineering and Design Group, managed by highly skilled and experienced Avionics Program Managers, our team of industry professionals can assist all companies, large and small in determining the proper technologies to enhance their fleet. We can assess your current cockpit/systems configuration for the purpose of identifying the appropriate technologies for your aircraft taking into full consideration all of the parameters required for the intended operation of the aircraft. We will then analyze your current aircraft configuration to determine compatibility with the intended system and make recommendations on the appropriate system(s) to purchase. We will advise and work in unison with your Technical Management team to gain certification of any avionics integration/upgrades that you may undertake for the purpose of Airworthiness Release. Whether we support your aircraft directly or through our consultancy services, L2 will endeavor to provide you with the most comprehensive and cost effective Avionics Integration services available to the industry today.