MRO Americas

Aviation Week Network’s MRO Americas is among the most influential and strategic events for commercial and military MRO leadership and their teams.

Designed for you by thought leaders and innovators from the leading and most trusted brand in the aviation/aerospace industry – Aviation Week, MRO Americas connects customers, clients and colleagues from across the aviation aftermarket sector.

MRO Americas provides a world class venue for all those involved in the aviation maintenance sector to exchange idea and best practices, share experiences, debate issues and challenges and gather knowledge.

WayPoint 2020

Waypoint is the premier aviation industry user conference put on by GEAviation’s Digital Group. Waypoint is focused on thought leadership, flight safety and strategy, and best practice sharing for professionals across the globe.

Building on past conferences, Waypoint 2020 will showcase the productivity impact of digital, highlight real software solutions that can impact your business today, and feature provocative advice from software and industry thought leaders on best practices, use cases, and how to deliver efficiency and long-term, sustainable growth. The goal of waypoint? To build scalable asset lifecycle productivity at your airline.

AEA 2020

The annual AEA International Convention & Trade Show is the largest gathering of general aviation avionics manufacturers, distributors and government-certified repair stations in the world. It also is the platform of choice for the introduction of new avionics products and services coming to the marketplace.

The AEA Convention is the preeminent venue dedicated solely to the general aviation avionics industry. The event's primary focus is providing avionics professionals with educational and marketing opportunities between equipment manufacturers, distributors and government-certified repair stations. The general aviation avionics community knows the AEA Convention is a must-attend gathering for growing their businesses, training their technicians and meeting with their dealer network.

ISTAT Americas



AEEC Data Link (DLK) Users Forum 2020

The Data Link Users Forum (DLUF) facilitates coordination among  industry stakeholders to improve Air Traffic Services (ATS) and Aeronautic  Operational Control communications between the aircraft and the ground  networks. DLUF topics include tracking upcoming global ATS programs and mandates, discussing issues plaguing Controller Pilot Data Link Communications  (CPDLC) operations, monitoring system performance/operational trials, and identifying new air-ground data link opportunities.