Complete Global Communication Coverage at the Push of a Button

Iridium communication systems provide complete global coverage for your aircraft without encountering the dreaded “No Service” or “Dead” zones that permeate the skies over our oceans, the Polar Regions, and unincorporated areas of our globe. There are numerous options encountered when reviewing the capabilities of the Iridium SatCom technologies that are available to the aviation industry with most offering full service aeronautical communication systems incorporating a single or dual channel Iridium transceiver with separate ACARS DataLink services. The newest models can be equipped with an internal GPS, or a separate monitor with GPS for fleet tracking.

Iridium Flight Deck Applications:

  • FANS 1/A ; Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Contract & Controller (ADS-C) – Pilot DataLink Communications (CPDLC)
  • Voice Communications
  • Electronic Flight Bag (EFB), Flight Planning, Weather and Chart updates
  • Engine Performance monitoring and fault reporting
  • General Operational Planning with Crew Reporting and General Administration

Iridium Cabin Applications:

  • Telephone: In-seat, mobile, VoIP and text messaging
  • eEnabled: E-mail, Intranet, Internet and Instant Messaging
  • Secure VPN Access
  • In-Flight News Updates

L2 STC/PMA Kits for Iridium Integration

L2 has integrated state-of-the-art Iridium SatCom technologies by designing STC Kits and installing the latest systems offered by Collins AerospaceAvionica satLINK and AMS . For those aircraft owners and operators who are interested in integrating the newest Iridium technologies, L2 offers the following FAA STC/PMA Kits for the following aircraft types: