The Innovative Approach to Aircraft Communications and Information Management

As the latest communication technologies have evolved in recent history, the Airline Industry has identified the need to analyze the efficiency of data transmission to their aircraft. They have reviewed their day-to-day operations and have identified the need to automate the process for managed data to stream to their aircraft in an efficient and timely manner. They have recognized that an infrastructure change now will reap financial and operational benefits far into the future. In response to the needs professed by their industry peers, ARINC (a Division of Collins Aerospace), has created eEnabled Aircraft Solutions to change the nature of aircraft communications and information management.

Optimizing Data for Airline Information Management

eEnabled delivers a fully integrated and secure end-to-end solution that streamlines operations, improves efficiency, enhances passenger experience, and reduces your costs across the entire organization. eEnabled optimizes your current information management structure by linking your corporate network infrastructure with air-to-ground communications. At L2 we install, certify and support the eEnabled Platform across all fleet sizes and aircraft types. By choosing eEnabled, the aircraft operator will enhance:

  • Ground connectivity to efficiently enable end-to-end communications and provide reliable aircraft data management
  • Augment current ground communications networks with enhanced eEnabled communications capabilities (Wi-Fi, Satellite, 3G/4G)
  • Have the ability to expand your information network’s capabilities as new applications are added
  • Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) content delivery management integrated into your Operations IT system

FAA STC/PMA Kits for eEnabled

L2 has integrated the latest eEnabled technologies by installing and providing Engineering Support for the latest systems offered by ARINC and Collins Aerospace. For those aircraft owners and operators who are interested in integrating the newest eEnabled options, L2 can provide the following FAA STC/PMA Kits for the following: