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L2 Aviation Completes 767-300 ACARS Supplemental Type Certificate Revision to Support CPDLC over ATN

Austin, Texas – January 26th, 2015 – L2 Consulting Services, Inc. (L2) is pleased to announce that the company has successfully completed a revision of its existing 767-300 Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting Systems (ACARS) FAA Supplemental Type Certificate (ST11124SC). The certification program involved upgrading the current ARINC 724B ACARS with a new ARINC 758 ACARS system and upgraded the legacy ARINC 716 VHF Radio to the latest ARINC 750 VHF Data Radio for Controller-Pilot Data Link Communications (CPDLC) operations. The state of the art communications management system operates over Aeronautical Telecommunication Network VHF Digital Link (ATN VDL) Mode 2 (CPDLC-ATN-B1 VDLM2). Additionally, the certification included the installation/activation of a Cockpit Voice Recorder – Data Link (CVR-DL) interface, and installation/activation of an independent Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receiver to support CPDLC operations to meet EUROCONTROL CPDLC (formerly known as Link 2000+).

L2 President, Mark Lebovitz said, “CPDLC has been deployed to decrease voice channel occupancy and increase flight safety and efficiency through more effective datalink communications.” He added, “Future CPDLC uses will likely include route clearance uplink, 4D trajectories, continuous descent approaches, and constraint coordination.”

Overall the system is designed to supplement voice communication between aircraft pilots and air traffic controllers allowing for an increase in air traffic management capacity by automating routine tasks and improving safety. L2 Consulting developed the engineering design, coordinated the certification requirements with the FAA, produced the installation kits for the end airline customer and provided project management for the program.

About L2
L2 Consulting Services, Inc. ( provides Avionics Systems Design and Certification Engineering, STC/PMA Kit Manufacturing with in house “Build-to-Print” capability, and Remote Avionics Modification Services (RAMS) teams through our certified Repair Station (FAA CRS L2ZR265X) to integrate the latest technological advancements for the global air transport industry. L2 was created in 1997 by demand from the industry for skilled and experienced integrators to accomplish the intricate and challenging processes of installing the newest technologies and upgrades in the aftermarket environment. L2 has been the aftermarket integrator of choice by the leading OEM companies by offering full installation and support capabilities for Electronic Flight Bag (EFB), e-Enabled, Cockpit Flat Panel Displays, ACARS/DataLink, RAAS with SmartRunway and SmartLanding, TAWS, SatCom, Terminal and Cabin Wireless, Cockpit Voice and Data Recorders, FMS/GPS, NextGen/ATN and Automatic Dependent Surveillance (ADS) among our specialties.