L2 has created a three tier Avionics Training program consisting of Specialized Modules, Informative Presentations, and Personalized Instruction that instill confidence in your maintenance team and ensure they have the resources to manage the ever evolving Avionics technologies that we encounter today. When you rely on the knowledge and expertise of your maintenance crew to keep your assets flying, cover all contingencies with specialized training and personal instruction from L2.

Specialized Modules

The complexity of today’s avionics technologies requires a trained and knowledgeable maintenance technician that can understand the nuances of the various systems in the aircraft, the interconnectivity between the various systems and how they operate. Through utilization of the L2 Training Program, we provide each maintenance technician with the ability to grasp the complexities of today’s avionics systems and how they relate to communication, navigation or surveillance. The task is daunting, even for the experienced Avionics Technician. To help, we provide the knowledge to determine the root cause of each fault by refining the technicians troubleshooting skills and discrepancy rectification processes to allow them to quickly return your asset to revenue service.

Informative Presentations

L2 painstakingly prepares each SlideDeck presentation for our training programs to cover the theory of operation for each respective system, the components included in each system, equipment operation, fault or discrepancy troubleshooting and to the finality of repairing the respective systems. Each of our presentations can be aircraft model specific or tailored to cover the entire fleet, respective of different aircraft types.

Personalized Instruction

The final link in the L2 instructional chain is hands-on, personalized training in the classroom or web environment. While all of our specialized modules are designed with the option for a self-paced program, L2 offers specialized instruction services at the customers’ desired location. Each of our specialized modules can be presented individually or grouped according to your needs and are presented by an established educator in either a classroom or web environment. All course material is enhanced by classroom discussion, films, hands-on-training (where applicable), and course completion testing for your evaluation.

At L2, we recognize the importance for our instructors to have practical experience when teaching the highly advanced and ever evolving world of todays’ avionics. Our instructors come with plenty of real world experience as they have previous work experience in Avionic Engineering or Maintenance or both. Our instructional edge is the fact that we require all of our instructors to undergo annual and recurrent training on the systems and technologies for which they are providing instruction.