Frequently Asked Questions

How many employees does L2 have?

We maintain a minimum of 45 Full Time staff with another 10 proven (and exclusive) Contractors that flow in unison with our work levels. L2 has maintained highly motivated and experienced cadres of Aviation Professionals that include, but are not limited to, Aircraft Design and Systems Engineers, Manufacturing/Production, Quality Control and Assurance, and Field Team personnel. We provide our Customers with the highest level of Avionics Integration and Discrepancy Troubleshooting services available to both the Military and Commercial segments of the industry.

Does L2 have a hangar to do mods and house their repair station?

No, over the last 19 years L2 has specialized in sending multi-disciplinary mobile field teams to jobsites all over the world to complete mods on the ramp or during depot-level or heavy check maintenance. Although L2 does not own a Hangar outright, we maintain agreements/contracts with numerous MRO facilities throughout the world, which include North and South America, Europe and Asia. Our agreements allow L2 to house aircraft within the customers region thus providing our customers with the ability to clear any heavy maintenance requirements during the term of the modification. Our partnered MRO rates are very competitive within the Commercial MRO market.

What are L2's In-house Manufacturing/PMA facilities & capabilities?

By utilizing the highest quality of materials that are manufactured to the strictest standards within our industry, L2’s STC/PMA Kits are recommended by each respective OEM to ensure the successful operation of their Components/Systems under all operating conditions. We design and manufacture our STC/PMA kits to the specific requirements of our customer’s aircraft configuration(s). L2 is very proud of our ZERO PERCENT (0%) failure rate of our hardware installations over the last Ten (10) years, on all L2 installed STC/PMA Kits in the field. Our kit products include kits that go to the Boeing Production line.

What can you tell me about L2's RAMS (Remote Avionics Modification Services)?

For the past 19 years, L2 has provided on-site integration and troubleshooting services through our skilled and experienced RAMS teams to the industry. We are “The Niche Player” in providing Avionics expertise to the industry, as it is our customer focus, day after day, year after year. Through trial and some error, we have refined our processes and have defined the installation procedures utilized by the respective OEM and Aircraft Operators for their Avionics upgrades and integrations.

What can you tell me about Quality Systems? Are you accredited (ISO, others)?

L2 maintains a rigorous quality system and holds multiple certifications from the FAA that revolves around the same. L2 has the established processes and procedures modeled after AS9100 standards, and is in the process of attaining certification after having passed numerous Airline and OEM audits conducted to these standards. Product and engineering quality are critical to the successful completion of our duties and, as such, are given the utmost consideration as evidenced by the multiple layers of quality and the significant amount of “in-process” quality steps performed.

Does L2 have all engineering disciplines in house or do they use contractors?

L2 is very selective when it comes to our Engineering Team. We hire only the best personnel available and do not employ outside Contractors for our Design and Systems Engineering requirements. We develop from within and train our Engineering team to the principles and guidelines established and followed by our founder Mark Lebovitz. We have an on-staff Systems & Equipment DER, on-staff DMIR and also use outside DER/DAR Services when required.

Is L2's core business creation of kits for resell/installation work or is it engineering/certification? Or is it both?

As defined above, our core competency is the design of the systems and network required to install the latest Components/LRU’s provided by each respective OEM. In our drive to provide true “Turn Key” Integration Services, our capabilities evolved to provide the STC/PMA Kits and Modification Services in unison with the Engineering Services we offer.

Will L2 do an STC at risk or do they typically get paid for engineering?

In the course of normal business, L2 does not spec aircraft specific engineering requirements (NRE) and our customers absorb at least out of pocket costs required to tailor an existing system to their aircraft. From time to time we spec an STC with our OEM partners with certain minimum guarantees, in number of firm kits in place to protect L2’s time and investment.

What do we know about L2 project management capabilities?

At L2, we take program management very seriously and feel our dedicated project management department separates us from our competitors. L2 has registered PMP’s that monitor and stream Projects to meet scheduled requirements. Each of our Program Managers carry the full body of PMP knowledge and utilize Industry recognized policies and procedures to drive and track each L2 program.

Does L2 own all their STC’s or have they transferred engineering/certificate ownership to other parties in the past?

We have transferred L2 STCs to ECS/Carlisle, ARINC and Rockwell Collins. We have also worked under Panasonic, Rockwell Collins, ARINC and Honeywell ODAs where L2 completes the engineering, reports and kits under their STC management and ownership.

The “about us” page on their website explains that L2 has Military experience. Has L2 ever done engineering/certification work on government aircraft i.e. Flight Clearances, MCO interactions, etc.?

Yes, L2 has Military and MCO experience to successfully complete a Navy commercial derivative C-9 STC update projects to include flight testing, tech pubs and training as a subcontractor to L-3 Vertex and L-3 Link. Many L2 staff members have worked government retrofit programs in their careers, L2 supported and upgraded some of Southern Air Transport’s L-100s, and we also have ex-Military on staff (i.e. L2 has a PM who is retired Lt Col, Air Force Acquisition Officer with 15+ years running ACAT I and II programs, DAU PM Level III certified and graduate of PMT-401 Program Manager’s Course.)