Fleet Reliability Improvement Process

Fleet Reliability = Lower Cost

L2’s founders wanted to fundamentally change the way commercial aircraft are retrofitted with the newest technologies and subsequently maintained, in order to reduce the down time and recurring costs associated with their customers’ operational requirements of their fleet. The industry demanded a process whereby their fleets can undergo integration of the latest technologies during normally scheduled maintenance visits. At L2 we endeavor to work within our customers’ route structure and operational schedule to comply with their requirements in the least intrusive manner.

Issue Resolution with your Money in Mind

If your fleet is incurring specific equipment issues, suffering through recurring write-ups or unexplained maintenance faults, our team of avionics experts can quickly isolate the root causes, and identify whether the cause is related to equipment, design, personnel, or processes. Most importantly, we can provide you with all of the available options, tailored to your needs, in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

Reducing Fleet Maintenance Costs with a Comprehensive Approach

The driving factor behind profitability for many Air Carriers is Fleet Maintenance Costs. They can quickly become unwieldy when dealing with the Non-Routine discrepancies that arise from the normal operation of any commercial aircraft, regardless of acute or systematic discrepancies that prohibit revenue operations. At L2, we can provide a system wide review of your operations, thereby reviewing your processes, tooling and equipment to ensure that your teams are following the most efficient and cost effective protocols.

Innovative Processes that Increase Aircraft Availability

With more than seventeen years’ experience in supporting the air transport industry with our Design, Integration and Certification experience, with the experience of a thousand avionic installation projects accomplished on todays’ fleets, L2 has created a unique set of maintenance processes and collaboration tools that reduce the typical downtime for aircraft maintenance. Whether scheduled or not, your maintenance and operations departments will benefit from L2’s expertise and lean processes. Your aircraft were designed to fly and built to create revenue. Don’t let maintenance driven downtime interfere with your fleet operations. Let L2 design and implement your process and systems refinement to get your fleet back up in the air, and to keep them there.