Collaborative Info Services

As L2 developed as a leading avionics design and installation provider to the air transport industry, we noticed a significant deficiency in communication between the Engineering groups that were supporting the newest technologies and the operators. The flow of information from the respective OEM to the installers and users of the latest systems were suffering delays due to the lack of responsiveness when difficulties arose or were left guessing as to when all requirements would be completed and their aircraft was released to service. Many of our customers came to us asking for a solution to this communication impediment.

L2 created the Collaborative Information System (CIS) to transfer real time information to the operator, with access through our company portal. Covering everything from the latest drawing(s) and revisions to the ability to track the progress of any installation phased activities as the work progresses, the CIS resolved the impediment and ushered in a new era of partnership between provider and operator. L2 is a pioneer in advancing the communication and our success has led to further collaboration and much improved communications between the providers and end user. We adhere to, and maintain this standard today.

"We are absolutely happy with both L2's engineering and kits!!! I probably have said this before, but this has been one of the BETTER engineering/cert/kitting entities that we have had the experience of working with. You guys have been absolutely responsive with every request we have made (and even had strategically placed personnel available to come up to both our Install and Stores facility when the conditions warranted. Certainly above and beyond expectations."

Jordan Lapin

Alaska Airlines