SATVOICE defined as Satellite Voice equipment supporting Air Traffic Service (ATS). Aeronautical mobile satellite (route) service (AMS(R)S) is an aeronautical mobile-satellite service reserved for communications relating to safety and regularity of flights, primarily along national or international civil air routes. According to Global Operation Data Link (GOLD) Manual, the use of AMS(R)S for voice communications is referred to as SATVOICE to reflect the operational use of the term in standard phraseology and messages. Design and installation requirements described in FAA AC 20-150B.

Flight-Deck Applications:

  • Rockwell Collins Iridium ATS SATCOM enabled software allows access to the Iridium ATS voice global network
  • ATS voice implements calling features to facilitate enhanced communications between the aircraft and ATC and AOC facilities
  • Direct dialing to destination numbers on the ground
  • Calls to the aircraft from the ground controlled by an Iridium call platform with security to authenticate authorized personnel
  • ATS system calls have a priority setting in the ATS switch to allow for call pre-emption
  • Call priority may be automatically or manually selected depending on the type of call being placed

Cabin Integrations:

  • ATG calling can be accomplished using the direct dial method, Last Number redial from the History page on the MCDU screen, as well as lookup in the local ATS or AOC directories loaded into the system configuration
  • Local directories can be modified as need from the MCDU console
  • Dialing methods that may be used for ATS services are
    • Direct Dial
    • Direct Dial with User Priority Code
    • Destination Short Code
    • Destination Short Code with User Priority Code
    • Aircraft ICAO ID Code – for ground to air calls only