Management Team

Mark Lebovitz Mark Lebovitz

Dean Rudolph Dean Rudolph
Vice President, Operations

Michelle Lebovitz Michelle Lebovitz
Vice President, Finance

Michael Eiras Michael Eiras
Certification and Integration Specialist

Joe Doherty Joe Doherty
Manager, Program Management and Certification

John Letlow John Letlow
Manager, Engineering

Johnny Alvarado Johnny Alvarado
Manager, Parts and Materials

Tina Brim Tina Brim
Manager, Customer Service

Kevin Paul Kevin Paul
Manager, Program Management

Lee Schaut Lee Schaut
Manager, Remote Services

Jim Bonilla Jim Bonilla
Manager, Production

"We are absolutely happy with both L2's engineering and kits!!! I probably have said this before, but this has been one of the BETTER engineering/cert/kitting entities that we have had the experience of working with. You guys have been absolutely responsive with every request we have made (and even had strategically placed personnel available to come up to both our Install and Stores facility when the conditions warranted. Certainly above and beyond expectations."

Jordan Lapin

Alaska Airlines